It’s 2010 B*tches

Fruitcake, snowstorms, extended family, underwear bombs–the season of giving is officially over and I don’t know about you, but I’m just glad to have survived.  Thankfully we at DDPP decided to start the new year off with a less destructive bang–it still burned, but not in the third-degree kind of way!  Giving the deep freeze of January the middle finger this week was DJ…YOU!  Yep.  Let me ‘splain.

You know how when you’re doing your holiday shopping and you find something so fantastic, so supremely divine, that you have to get one for everybody–including you?

No, not that!  (though as the temperatures refuse to climb out of the teens, it’s looking more and more appealing.  Especially the leopard print…) Back in December we assembled a shiny new playlist to drop into the Twin Cities DDPP stocking, and gosh darn if it wasn’t so spanking delicious that we decided to get one for us too!  This week we served up the mix lovingly crafted by a score of DDPP regulars, and the result was so dick smellingly wrong it was right:

Welcome to 2010 ladies!  The only resolution this year is to ROCK HARDER!!!


One thought on “It’s 2010 B*tches

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