Sheik, Shaykh, Shaikh / Cheikh, Šeih, Šejh / Şeyh Djibouti!

If you could not get this song out of your head today after recalling our amazing DJ last night, then welcome to my esteemed free-association club.

DJ Sheik Djibouti did justice by her name and inspired all of our djiboutis to tranform from dormant to quite astir. The Sheik shook up a slurry of the familiar with obscure in an expert fashion that only a music appreciator with tremendous life experience and wisdom could hope for. Weird Al bookended by Camera Obscura and Martin Sexton? Be still my camel! This Sheik dug deep and struck black gold, selling it back to us for way under $40 a barrel.

Thank you DJ Sheik Djibouti for curating a night of joy explosions and borderline full-body freakouts! We can be certain if your mix came loaded on macs at the Apple store, this video would look (yawn) quite tame.


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