This week the studio was packed–and nearly half the ladies who came were first-timers!  Good thing we didn’t promise to be gentle, because DJ Sassybrass ROCKED. OUR. SOCKS. OFF.  But we looked a lot cooler without our socks than this dude:

One of the many reasons DDPP is ladies only.

Anyway, back to yesterday’s mix–so bootylicious that ladies had to continue moving during the cool down, just to get their heart rates out of the danger zone!  DJ Sassybrass showed us what we were looking for.  Her little secrets had us jumping, shaking our pom poms, keeping our right hands high, and within the first five minutes I saw smiles multiply!   And believe me, there ain’t nothin’ wrong with that.  DJ Sassybrass, you can put this record on anytime!

Yeah!  Yeah!  Hell yeah yeah yeah.


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