Take Me Home Tonight

Auspiciously, I began my day getting stuck in traffic behind this:

Little did I know that was just a foreshadowing for an evening of pure relish (had to), as well as the 4th in line of 17 fabulous song son DJ Easy Bake’s ecstasy-inducing mix for this evening.

(Oh I wish I were a DDPP dancefloor, that is what I’d truly like to be, cuz if I were a DDPP dancefloor, twenty women would lose their (proverbial) shit all over me.)

Yeah – that’s right. Tonight was virgin-palooza #2. Thanks to some mighty accurate reviews on Yelp (thanks ladies for sharing the love!) a whole new crop of online lurkers have joined in the beautiful chaos that is gathering in a dark room with a bunch of strangers and losing it in the best way possible. We had the biggest crew of 2010 and it bumped the whole session up to the status of bona fide happening. DJ Easy Bake’s perfectly steamed hot dog of a mix got our buns all toasty and dressed us up with glisten, hold the onions. She schooled us in a way that only a Chicagoan can in such matters.

So how did we like it? Like a Kodiak bear loves an eating contest. Behold:

Here’s what DJ Easy Bake busted out of her 1 woman heat machine for us to enjoy:

1. Fun for Me / Moloko
2. Mercy / Duffy
3. Right Hand HI / Kid Sister
4. Hot Dog (Watch Me Eat) / Detroit Cobras
5. Dreamer / K’naan
6. Rolling Down The Hills (Spring demo)/ Glass Candy After Dark
7. Consolation Prize / Julie Doiron
8. World Town / M.I.A.
9. The True / The Knux
10. Cobrastyle / Robyn
11. Can’t Get Over You / Vivian Girls
12. Take Me Home Tonight / Eddie Money
13. Da Style Deh / Busy Signal
14. Radio / Beyoncé
15. I Like You So Much Better When You’re Naked / Ida Maria
16. Sure Fire Winners / Adam Lambert
17. Femme Fatale / The Velvet Underground & Nico

Thank you femme fatale DJ Easy Bake for slaying us so appropriately! We owe you one.


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