It’s a Group Thaaaaang

Perhaps it was a willfully subconscious mishearing, perhaps I need to ear candle myself. But regardless, and right or wrong, the lyrics to song #9 on DJ Michelle Leslie Brown’s NEVER BEEN HEARD AT DDPP BEFORE NOW mix (how does she do it? srsly) captured the essence of last night’s jam session perfectly.

While the song is called “Groove Thang” – I couldn’t help but hear “Group Thang” the entire time. And in that lost in translation interpretation, it felt like the lyrics captured DDPP’s essence in a brevity and directness that Hemingway could have only dreamed of emulating.

Well its a group thang
It’s gotta funky swing
Well it’s a group thang
A group thang
(Come on)

We’re moving on, keeping strong
Don’t you let them steer you wrong
It’s a group thang
We’re goonna give you what you want
Just as long as you’re around
It’s agroup thang

Oh yeah
People There’s really nothing to it
Let your mind rest my friend, and do it
Remember it ain’t over ’till it’s really over
group thang, group thang
Relax your mind, listen to the rhythm
It’s got you flowin’, but it’s in precision
Music is life, and we are livin’
group thang,group thang,group thang

It’s gonna make you touch the sky
Your bod’y movin’ left to right
You’re groovin’ to the evening light
It’s a group thang
It takes some time to realize
Yoiur body’s movin’ left to right
The feeling’s oh so dynamite
It’s a group thang
So whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do
Keep your body movin’
So whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do
Keep your body movin’
Party people, it’s a silky fun, and a groupthang
Party people, it’s a silky fun, and a group thang

Group thang, easy to hear, right? Ok – there’s a lot of redundancy in Zhane’s masterpiece, and Hemingway is rolling his eyes as he rolls over. Speaking of rolling, I think we might have to have a BYORS (roller skates/blades) to one DDPP ala the video. By the way – wish I could have been a fly on the wall in that art direction meeting for that puppy – “We need more rollerskaters! And planks, dammit!” Whew! Anyway… lyrics notwithstanding –  it creates a rhythm and pattern that is so very nice on the ears and bootay. Just like the way DJ MLB designs her signature mixes, and the way we love it.

Thanks for yet another fantastic and original mixterpiece Michelle Leslie Brown! We shall forget-it-not.


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