Slap!Chop! Thank!You!

Woah woah woah.

One woah for how many ladies came out to DDPP last night. Thank you Yelpers! Thank you Time Out! Instead of an event that was happening, it was quite simply, a happening.

Second woah for DJ Slap!Chop!’s diamond-hard mix. She slapped all our troubles away with the power of rock and roll (as well as with Fire! Muscles! Guns!) and made us all into Linda Hamilton’s for one fantastic hour.

See this playlist? It’s the perfect winter recipe for head-banging, foot-stomping and heart-pumping hotness. At times I gazed around the room and all I saw was a sea of gyrating, smiling ecstatic women with arms a flailing and feet a jumping. Mmmm. Perfection.

The 3rd and final woah is for our dear Toni (aka DJ Tunkerin)! We learned that last night was her final DDPP with us because she’s moving on up and out to Indianapolis (and will hopefully be starting up the first Indy DDPP!). Toni has been boogying with us for 2 years on the nose, and her exuberance, enthusiasm and heart of gold has kicked up every DDPP she’s attended many, many notches. She’s a VIP member of the DDPP community and we’re gonna miss her like nobody’s business.

Upon hearing the news, no joke – this harmonica solo immediately started playing in my head. So Toni – this one’s for you:

You didn’t have to shake it like you did like you did but you did, and we thank you!


2 thoughts on “Slap!Chop! Thank!You!

  1. 1) holy crap! ddpp chicago is famous!

    2) i’m sorry i missed this awesome playlist, and i’m *really* sorry i missed toni’s last ddpp in chicago. indy won’t know what hit ’em!

  2. Thanks den mamas for everything. DDPP has helped me get through a couple of tough years by reminding how joyful it is to get up and shake your tail feather. And what a fabulous bunch of tail feather shakers you ladies are!!! I’ve loved every minute!!! Fingers and toes crossed I can bring DDPP to Indy. I think I could be a den mama….I learned from the best!
    MLB…..even in the crowded room on Sunday….that bathroom corner looked empty without you there shakin it!!!

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