What a Hump Day it was!  We had 19 booty shakers in da haus for DJ SCARE-A’s sweaty beat bustin’ mix!  Who needs a cool down song when the DJ’s been playin’ your song all night long?  J. Lo sure doesn’t and neither do we!

We had a special guest with us – Minneapolis Den Mother Megan Krejny!  It was great to see you dancin’ next to me, girl!  You gots da MMOOOOVES!

Thanks to DJ Scare-a for keepin’ us on our toes.  Great mix!!


On an unfortunate note, our brand spankin’ new DDPP sign was stolen from the street during class!  It was an old real estate open house sign transformed into something INCREDIBLE by Den Mother Jenny B…incredible enough for a random person to snatch it and take it home, apparently.

…a moment of silence in honor of our departed sign.  Our time together was short and we wish you luck wherever you are.


3 thoughts on “DANCIN’ AIN’T NO CRIME!

  1. first i miss toni’s last ddpp, then i miss a special appearance by megan? and the awesome sign was stolen? *sobs*

  2. My joy of dancing with some of the finest ladies in Chicago has been greatly saddened by said loss of sign. I’m just glad I was able to take in its awesomeness, however briefly.

    I miss you ladies! Come and dance with me some time in the beautiful Twin Cities!

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