Verily Doth We Dance

Forsooth, though thou be in the icy grasp of winter, fearest not!  For the warmth thy seekest may be found in the angelic strains of the noble Lady KStud:

Ne’er before hath there been a more elegant and regal mistress of mixes!  Twas a fantasy come to life.

Okay, thou gettest the picture.

Seriously though, a packed house and beats hot enough that even the ladies who thought they’d busted all their moves on Saturday night found coconut-shaking energy reserves they didn’t even know they had!  But we weren’t really surprised.  No way you could help but go balls out for this action:

It was rumored that two songs almost didn’t make the cut…but a technological snafu stopped the last minute change.  Truly, m’Lady, Fortune’s hand did part clouds and reach earthward to pump it up.  A grateful bow to you, DJ Lady KStud, for bestowing upon us your grace.

You rule!


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