Dancing in Heaven

I think it’s safe to say that unless there was some kind of deep woods camping hygiene class for women tonight, we had the most numerous collection of ladies in Chicago this evening who got their center of gravity as low low low low low low low low as we did. (Some of us may have even hit the floor). Yes – DJ Shadow Puppet provided an evening where all manner of physical transformations was possible!

Our shadows on the wall were even more incredible than any donkey though, folks. How could they not have been? We had a full house clapclap…clap(ping) in sync, including our youngest DDPPer EVER! Yes – there was a yet-to-be-born baby girl in our midst! 2 more months and she’ll get to teach us the floating in amniotic fluid dance – which I hear is quite graceful. According to her momma, the *little lady was enjoying our DJ’s (also *her aunt’s!) inaugural masterpiece of a mix as much as all of us were. She was beatin up the beat like she forgot she lived on the Lake Michigan shore.

In summation, DJ Shadow Puppet’s mix made us all want to be better people. But it also made us really want to watch the classic art film Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. But let’s just say you’re busy – and you only have 3 minutes and 5 seconds to spare at the moment. Well you’re in luck:

Thank you DJ Shadow Puppet. You elevated us all so we could do some dancing in heaven tonight.


2 thoughts on “Dancing in Heaven

  1. Agreed on all counts–DJ Shadow Puppet let us leave it all on the floor last night. If by “it” we mean sweat, which I do. Great job!

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