Super Bowl Schmooper Bowl, or I Scream You Scream

We all scream for L-Scream!  Some people may have thought the big news yesterday was the Saints winning the Super Bowl for the first time ever.  Those unfortunate folks must not have known that yesterday was DJ L-Scream’s debut mix, and if you’ll allow me to mix my sports metaphors, take a gander at what happened her first time at the plate (but start watching at the 3 minute mark):

In case anyone’s confused out there, that’s what I call a home run!  And speaking of home, DJ L-Scream did her home state proud, with a mix that was hotter than a tanning bed, sharper than the spikiest of hair, and sparklier than the biggest ear bling.  Get ready Jersey Shore, L-Scream is in da house:

Oh yeah, we feels you.  Kind of sticky.

And now, the dirty mix that had us clapping, shaking, and jumping, doing yoga and some kind of strange pac-man chomp, keeping our right hands high and dancing in the streets, drum rollllllllll:

We left our hats on, and I’ve got the bruise on my knee to prove it!  Way to go DJ L-Scream!  Football is alright, but all we need is music, sweet music.

AND, don’t forget to come back next week for Valentines Day treats!


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