don’t even get us started on our badoo badoo booms

Where was this guy last night at 7:08 pm?

Not in Chicago, and not in our studio, that much we know. This guy also was not on hand, which was probably for the best. See – DJ Ssssnake’s ssssizzling hot mix done melted our speaker wire before it was even halfway through song 1!

Thanks to our animal senses (I believe I spotted the DJ herself flicking her pronged tongue, picking up on the electrical melting smell) we saved the lives of 18 amazing women and prevented this scene below from playing out any further.

Without delay, we got our jams pumping again with some fancy wire swaparoos and were treated to a mix that molted us into slithery, sleek, sweaty fresh versions of ourselves. DJ Ssssnake coiled her audio delights around our willing bods, squeezing us ever so gently like a frickin hungry animal. And we were hungry right back, shoveling tunes down our gullets like frozen mice. Have you ever fed a snake a frozen mouse before? It’s weird. Trust me. But they love it. (Trust me harder) Just like we did. BEHOLD!!!! The mix that melted speaker systems:

DJ Ssssnake, please do this again to us any time.


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