Valley of the Dollface

Want a genius recipe for an unforgettable dance party? Just ask DJ Dollface. Here’s what she cooked up. Take a bunch of eclectic, kick-ass songs, toss in a few that are less well-known, a healthy scoop of time-honored favs, then garnish with an eastern european sounding dirge and don’t you dare forget your ladle for pouring a nice hot drizzle of “slow hand” by the Pointer Sisters on top. And don’t pretend you don’t know which song I’m talking about. You effing LOVE that song.

And you know what else you’d love, if you know what’s good for you? The freedom to do whatever the hell you feel like in a room full of strangers. DJ Dollface’s mix inspired me to trace hundreds of invisible circles on the ceilings and walls with arms outstretched and pencil straight, to gallop back and forth, to and fro, for nearly 5 minutes straight, to close my eyes and sink into imaginings of my body as a giant dust-mop that captures sound waves and spits them back out shiny and reverberant into all corners of the room. Now when the hell else other than a Wednesday night in these environs and without the use of peyote could all this have happened? I.Don’t.Know. Take a look at how this dollface DJ spiffed up our evening:

This is what DDPP is like without our dear DJ.

You completed us tonight, Dollface. So hard.

Now check out this super rad ass video of one of everyone’s favorite new song’s from tonight’s mix:

(Great job!)


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