What’s My Age Again?

Be you a high school teacher, lawyer, mid-level manager, journalist, grief counselor, film editor, holistic healer, copywriter or non-profit director (all of which were in attendance this past weds, by the by) – you are ageless from 7-8pm in our studio space.

But if we haaaaad to pin an age down, I’d say we’re all 12 years old – you know… just before the ladies get vicious… when everyone is friends, and doesn’t quite understand what being self-conscious feels like. When we’re not all bleeding through our jeans yet. The days when sleepover parties are still innocent-ish.

This website just about sums up the mood that DJ Gilldizzle conjured up with her mixtasty tunes. But for those of you who are at work and rightfully a bit fearful that this site is NSFW – here’s what I’m talkin bout:

Everyone’s clothes are on in this site. Fear not.

Here’s the delightful list of songs through which we all regressed back together:


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