Shakin Booties, Building Bridges

At this very moment of tip-tap-typing away, DJ Easy Bake is paving a path of multi-colored love across the midwest en route to Austin, Texas.

This ain’t no joy ride or weekend vacation. DJ Easy Bake is relocating to her beloved Texas for living life.

Those of us who were lucky enough to attend DJ Easy Bake’s final mix this past Weds at DDPP Chicago HQ, can attest that this red-headed tunestress will be missed.

We’re hoping Easy Bake misses us back…but luckily she’ll have DDPP Austin to which she can transfer her stylin moves and incredible mixes.

And we’re hoping the Midwest rubbed off on her a little bit in her years here… and it takes a good many years before she develops the attitude of a hardened Texan, which clearly this anteater has.

DJ Easy Bake, you helped us learn that a single lightbulb can perform delicious miracles. We hope Austin appreciates the lightbulb of your presence. Best of luck to you in breakfast-taco heaven.


2 thoughts on “Shakin Booties, Building Bridges

  1. Thanks for a great send-off, ladies!! Hope you all make it to the Lone Star State some time, it’s lovely here!

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