Women’s Herstory Month

That’s right – I said Herstory – roll yer eyes or educate yourself!

It is of course the month in which time stops, and every man, woman, child and stock photo of animal, bow in reverence to the gender that makes so very, very much possible… and better.

Our prolific and prized DJ Michelle Leslie Brown did this month proud with her super selects of tunes sung and/or written and instrumentalized by the fairer sex.

And our DJ upped the ante like she often does, but also playing NEVER BEFORE BEEN HEARD songs at DDPP. How does she do it? She consults the genius list of songs that have been lovingly compiled by our own DDPP members, herself very much included. With over 3,000 dance songs having been spun, this is nothing to scoff at. (quit scoffing!)

Instead, behold:

The studio thumped with the hoots, hollers and stomps of veteran DDPPers and newbies alike – an absolute hour of perfection.

And might you allow me the pleasure of also inserting a video here from one of my most favorite ladies on the list, who despite being as old or older than your own mother is still sporting white leather catsuits? And check out her backing band – sheesh! This song is for you dear reader lady. You are shining light. Happy March.


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