Glory Day

Friends, meet the DJ who connects the heavens above to the earth below: DJ Skydive.

Ain’t she somethin? Those wings didn’t appear til I got the photo developed. (double wink blink)

Yes this here DJ was an angel in disguise, until she was outed yesterday by my 9 month old puppy, Mavis, who just so happened to have escaped from her collar and leash at 7:50 am yesterday morning and dashed into rush hour traffic and out of any human being’s sight.

Your truly called this angel DJ Skydive at 8:30 am in a blubbery mess to see if she might be able to help post flyers around the neighborhood. And this DJ, and her sidekick incredible den mother DJ Dizzaster, showed up moments later at my door with their running shoes and positive, sparkly thinking caps firmly secured.

And what did this team of angels proceed to do for the next 5 hours straight? Tape flyers on every block, and ask every person in sight, every mailman and woman, every trash collector, construction worker, jogger and child if they had seen dear Mavis.

And even though their intuitive super-powered  magical angel senses knew that Mavis was safe – that some good Samaritan had picked her up already – still, they trudged through the alleys and streets, posting and asking away until well past lunch time, only stopping when I begged them to.

And each time we met on a street corner, called each other on the phone to see if there was any news, I would feel more and more despondent,  and DJ Skydive would be more and more certain that we would be dancing tonight, and we would be celebrating.

She was right.

By the time we showed back up to the scene of the escape, Mavis had already ran 2 miles away from there, past at least two dozen intersections in tact, and crossed the Chicago river to end up less than 7 blocks from my house, and into the arms of a dog lover who fed her, washed her bloody paws, and posted her sweet picture on Craigslist, where we happened to look after crying in the parking lot of animal care and control.

20 minutes after returning home with bandaged puppy in arms (only scraped paws, after all that distance, all those intersections!), my boyfriend was snuggling her on the couch, and I was out the door… to DANCE to this soundtrack of LIFE!

The studio was buzzing with love and life and joy and relief and an incredibly incredible mix. This was DJ Skydive’s bittersweet final appearance as a DJ in our dear town, because this angel is being called to do her angel thing out on the East Coast, and she’s moving at the end of the month.

Those East Coasters don’t know how damn lucky they are just yet. Not only will they be inheriting a spirit of pure love, a mix-maker of epic proportions, but also a woman who can mutha-uckin DANCE! Those who have ever enjoyed a DDPP with this tall, athletic, rhythmic wonder can attest to her highly skilled coordination and stylish throw-downs. I smell a new reality show in Jersey…but with class.

We’ll miss you DJ Skydive, we’ll miss you somethin fierce.


2 thoughts on “Glory Day

  1. AAAAAH! JENNY B. you rock my world. What a sweet and loving message! Hooray for Mavis running home safely. I love you and all the girls from DDPP so much and am forever grateful for you showing up every week so I can get my funky fix. By the way, YOU are my angel for showing up in MY life! Howsabout you fly over to NY with those wings and visit me? Looking forward to starting a chapter in NJ. I’ll keep you posted.

  2. DJ Skydive, it has been a privilege to dance with you, live down the street from you, KNOW YOU!! JB is right, you are an angel and we will miss you terribly. But I sense some transit in our futures, and of course the next chapter: DJ Proxy! I’m polishing my webcam as I type…

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