No We’re Never Gonna Survive Un-less…

… we did exactly what was done on Wednesday night. (You get DJ AWOL’s Seal of Approval if you know how this post title’s lyrics end). OK – but we went more than a little bit crazy.

Seriously. Something in the air mixed with the movement of the cosmos and the tune collection DJ AWOL crafted created a veritable melee on the dance floor. It was a throw-down show-down between each of us vs our goofiest selves to see if we could out-freak even our own expectations.

We should have known some essential DDPP shit was about to go down when she started off with Baba O’Reily.

This transported us back to our teenage selves in front of a mirror getting ready for the big game, or the big date. Our hearts began a-pounding and our feet began a-stomping and pretty soon the inner spaz went from waking from it’s sleep to taking our bodies hostage like a frackin poltergeist.

And so began some some remarkable floor action – from upside-down-beetle leg kicking to full sprinting corner to corner of the room. Your dear den mothers were even inspired to break-out some high school sport training moves like “foot firing” and ghost-guarding Michael Jordan on a full-court breakaway.  A conga line of pretend-confetti-throwing and Russian dancing also spontaneously formed during “Radio Free Europe”

I can’t remember a DDPP since the ones Jenn Salvatore and I had in our apartments before even starting this venture that included such hilarity and uproarious un-self-conscious displays of exuberance.

And for that DJ AWOL, you made our day, week, flash-back-at-end-of-life memories.

For those who want to experience this kind of ecstasy, this was her formula:

Baba O’Reily, The Who (warm up)
Da Ya Think I’m Sexy?, Rod Stewart
Manhatta, Visqueen
Heavy Cross, The Gossip
Miss Rebellion des Hormones, Stereo Total
Kids, MGMT
Up from Below, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
The Enemy Guns, DeVotchka
1901, Phoenix
Zero, Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Crazy, Seal
Radio Free Europe, R.E.M.
Judy Is a Punk, The Ramones
Always on My Mind, Pet Shop Boys
Just Like Heaven, The Watson Twins (cool down)

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