Let There Be Light!

It was a long dark winter–as usual.  Most likely those of you who have lived in Chicago for a while have found yourself wondering at some point: where does the sun go from January to April?  You probably recall some hazy elementary school science lesson, something about the earth rotating on its axis.  Well I have some big news for you…you’re wrong.  The sunshine has been here all along.  She’s just been doing taxes.

Confused?  Fair enough.  You probably think I’m talking about that big fiery ball of plasma burning in the sky.  Not so.  I’m talking about none other than MC Sunshine, who returned from her usual work-induced winter dancing hiatus this weekend to give a mix as toasty warm as the middle of last week!  (Oh 80 degrees, come back, we miss you!)  With the return of MC Sunshine and a bevy of first-time dancers, it was a perfect celebration of spring!   Tunes perfect for stomping, clapping, singing, and booty-poppin!

And of course, a country cool-down that made me and DJ Ssssnake wicked home sick.  Or was it just a little sick thinking about home…?  You decide 🙂


3 thoughts on “Let There Be Light!

  1. The whip-cracking sound may actually be outmatched by the cougar and what they clearly want us to think is a screaming eagle. But yes, sweet home indeed….

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