Sunday, Rainy Sunday

Ladies, check out the new lyrics for the old poem:  April showers bring bad ass ladies who love gettin’ down. Doesn’t rhyme as well as the original, but it’s true! Yesterday afternoon it was as damp in the studio as it was outside.  As one lady put it, we haven’t sweated so much since middle school!  You always know it’s been a good time when the floor gets so wet our sneakers squeak.  This was all thanks to a killer combination:

The rainy day blues slapping, hangover chopping mix of DJ Slap!Chop!  (insert whip sound effect here.)  Ladies, I am oh so very sore today, and I like it.

Never before have I seen a group of ladies so wild and free!  It was one of those magic afternoons where the boundaries of self melt entirely, and you become part of some giant joy-gasm.  There was clapping, stomping, singing, full-studio running, belly-dancing, and more collaboration than I have ever seen–and half our dancers were first timers!  BIG props to all the newbies!  Your energy was amazing.  It felt like we’d been dancing since the dawn of time…

So, for all of you who want to relive the experience, or for those of you who couldn’t make it and are dying to see what you missed, voila:

DJ Slap!Chop! confided in me after the mix that song number 12, which she first encountered many years ago one night at the infamous Berlin, was the reason she moved to Chicago.  Here’s a sentence I never thought I would say:  Thank you Revolting Cocks!


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