Extra! Extra!

Today’s headline: first-time DJ Pelagic Magic knocks us on our asses! (But we get back up again).  Smaller headline: DDPP to be featured in The Columbia Chronicle!

Ladies, last night’s class was buh. nan. uhhhs.  Where do I begin?  The popping and locking?  One woman doing the robot while she grabbed a drink of water? (God d@mn are we going to miss you DJ Skydive)  Complete and total abandon (and top of the lungs singing) during Madonna?  The poor guy in the corner of the room trying to inconspicuously capture it all (who, thankfully, did not show up looking like this:)

That’s right, I said guy.  For one night only we broke the first rule of DDPP (which of course is very different than the first rule of fight club…) and let in a boy.  He was there to photograph us for the Columbia Chronicle story, and I have to say, I was worried.  Would it ruin the vibe?  Would it make everyone uncomfortable?  Would we freeze in our tracks like deer in headlights?  Surprisingly, the camera did nothing more than provide a strobe-light effect which seemed to drive us all the more crazy on the dancefloor!  Way to go ladies!  Can’t wait to see how they turn out!

And now to present the mix that couldn’t keep us from giving it our all, a beautiful introduction to DDPP for the newbies and a helluva way to send DJ Skydive off:

Who knew a song about getting drunk could have such a great life-message?  DJ Pelagic Magic, there is nothing middle of the ocean about you, girl!

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE!!  Probably more than a few of you out there are like, hey, wait a minute, what the hell happened to DJ Sassybrass’s mix?  I need to know the names of all those fantastic songs I got down to last week!

Sorry about that ladies (and DJ Sassybrass!); oftentimes unavoidable convergences of life events cause majorly fabulous blog posts to be delayed.

Unfortunately, I didn’t witness this mix first hand–but man, do I wish I had.  It was anything but a hot mess, and featured some of my all time favs!  I can guarantee you that songs 3, 6, & 11 would have made me lose my sh*t, and I cannot believe I missed 13.  In fact, I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that dancing to DJ SassyBrass’s mix last week was pretty much just like this:



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