DJ Sassybrass

Hey there beautiful lady. I just wanted to publicly apologize for not posting your mix which was killer that night. When I would have uploaded it the following morning, Com Ed actually cut the power to my house “accidentally” thinking my name was a MS. Kelly Ellsworth. Let me tell you, I don’t know who the **** she is but she is a figment of ComEd’s imagination. Nonetheless, I had no power in my house including no computer access for two days. I was literally walking around my house in the dark for two nights. My deepest apologies. I saw the light in your mix I guess…and then the whole world went dark. Who knew it could have that much power on me. So please know that you rocked our world that night. Just thought I should tell you in the chaos of the moment, I simply forgot to post. You will forever be sassy. After all, they named a teen magazine after you.


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