One Ssssteamy Ssssunday

You’ve heard the term “it’s a jungle out there.”  Well this week, it was a jungle in there–in the studio that is.  Ladies, it got so steamy this week that something happened I have never seen before: the mirrors FOGGED OVER.

Yes, we could still see each other.  And thank goddess for that!  Because I tell you, there were some sweet moves busted, some very sweet moves, including unparalleled partner work that ended in a little floor humping.  Womens, you make my heart swell with pride!  Alas, no photog this week to capture the magic, but the Columbia article is on the web!  Check it out!  Show all your friends!

But back to the matter at hand: the cleansing sauna mix of DJ Ssssnake!  And though it was undoubtedly a session of bikram DDPP, DJ Ssssnake’s tunes were so slammin’ we couldn’t help but continue to bust our booties despite the torrential downpour of sweat!  Between the snakes and crashing earthquakes, it was positively pre-historic (mostly because we walked some dinosaurs).

You may notice that DJ Ssssnake kicked off her mix with a warm up worthy of her moniker–but you might not know it was suggested by her dad!  A BIG shout out to Richard Carrigan, and love to all the other menfolk who support our cause, read our blog, suggest tunes for us and/or listen to our mixes to dispel our pre-DJ jitters.

But an even bigger shout out to you, DJ Ssssnake!  Be there wind, rain, sleet, dark of night or Amazonian heat blast, your mixes remain dangeroussssly sssstriking!  Time to start in on the second bottle of gatorade, eh?


2 thoughts on “One Ssssteamy Ssssunday

  1. When DJ Ssssnake was a tiny baby, in the words of an ABBA song, she “was a dancer before she could walk.” (No, the song was not Dancing Queen). Sadly, the specific incident preceded convenient video cameras, but rest assured that had it been posted on Youtube, it would have been a smash.

    Music has always been part of DJ Ssssnake’s life, and I’m very glad she keeps up with it.

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