DJ Michelle Leslie Brown in the house

Wednesday’s dancing was fanny-pack-tastic! DJMLB had us dancing with a consistent heartbeat just below the danger zone. And her tunes? Not a weak link in the mix! She never disappoints. It was soulful and body moving in that earthy kind of way. It made us want to dig down deep into the soil and plant every limb we were given, only to give birth to tree babies some months later. After all, tis the week of mother’s day.

Like all good mamma’s, we took our time and did it right…cooking that tree baby to perfection. I mean, look at it’s shiny shiny limbs! I have to say DJMLB, this was my favorite mix you have ever given us and I couldn’t keep up towards the end. My body was approaching the core of the molten Earth and hot damn, it felt like a lava lamp in a microwave. Cue redonkulous video, followed by ze playlist:


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