Up for a little quiz?

So our DJ tonight was the wonderful, the melodical, the one and only DJ Fanta. Which of the following is true of her name?

1) She loves her this fizzy drink so much that  she wanted to DJ its namesake

2) It’s short for Fantastic

3) It’s short for Fantasy

4) She could not pronounce the letter “S” as a child and every December 25th kept asking “where’s Fanta Claus?”

E) It’s short for Fantazerova – which is Russian for “a person who likes to make things and lives in a world of fantasy.”

Give up? Here’s a clue.

Yes – that is the incredible South Russian Owtcharka dog, which should clue you in that E is in fact the lucky answer! Our DJ Fanta hails from Russia, by way of Latvia, and exported to our American crew a whole slew of international hits. Lucky for us, she smuggled them smartly, stacking them in the perfect order and delivering them with a handshake.

Oh wait – what’s that? You’re not sure where Latvia is? S’Ok. Uncle google is here to help you out, you ‘Merican.

And yes those are the real colors of the country. The big white stripe is a highway of sorts, not unlike the autobahn, stretching the length of the country. There they race home-made boats on wheels manned by small, nocturnal forest creatures.

If that’s not too exotic for you, then check out this mix already. DJ Fanta took us to her fantasy world – a world in which you can circumnavigate the globe in an hour’s time, without any jet lag or deep vein thrombosis.



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