Let Me Clear My–WHAT??

DDPP veterans know, we’ve had our share of technical difficulties: ipod covers that can’t be pried off, burning speaker wire, and (of course) the ever lovely smoke alarm.  But I think we can safely blame yesterday on Steve Jobs.  There we were, poppin’ our booties like crazy when all of a sudden–

Frozen ipod!!!  Ladies, I am not tech savvy, so after “try turning it off and on again” I was stumped, terrified that we were going to have to evacuate the dancefloor.  Thankfully a whole mess of you are better informed!  The anxiety was all in my head, and before I knew it we were golden.  With a little finagling DJ KK’s mix was back on track, minus a little DJ Kool.  Crisis averted!

Come to think of it, it may not have been the ipod’s fault…it could very well have been the collective subconscious of the entire room screaming out “THIS MIX IS TOO DAMN GOOD!  I NEED A BREATHER!”  True enough, once we got the tunes fired up again, I found that I was muy grateful for the second to catch my breath, grab some water, and mop a little sweat from  my brow!  DJ KK dropped it on us. From the soulful cruise of a warm up to the freaky, flathead, run around, to the final fast song (and tear-jerking, in a good way, cool down) DJ KK’s mix offered up some sage life advice: if you wanna be happy for the rest of your life…DANCE.

Thank you DJ KK!  Bring that joyful smorgasbord again!

And thanks to DJ Slap!Chop! for hunting up this video featuring one of this week’s songs.  I think that dog stole some of my moves…


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