DJ Sex Frosting Spread It Up and Down and All Around

With an alias like DJ Sex Frosting, the master MC of Sunday afternoon’s DDPP session stayed true to her sweet and sultry namesake.  We were bouncin’, we were gyratin’, we were spankin’ it and the only thing left was a room dripping with sweat and good vibes.  It doesn’t get much better than 17 grown women steaming up the mirrors on the hottest day of the year thus far!  Better than sex?  Maybe.  Better than a cake decorated with sexy frosting cartoon characters?  HELL YEAH!

As a regular DDPP attendee for almost four years, I can only think of two other times that the studio has steamed up with enough passion and girth to fog up the windows (one of them being LAST Sunday)!  We could even see the “DDPP” we wrote in the mirror from last week!  If we were on a giant barge in the middle of the Atlantic we’d FO SHO be pulling a Kate Winslet-in-ecstasy style move all over the place!

Call it the best workout you’ve ever had, light a cigarette and enjoy what’s left of your weekend, ladies because we were poundin’ it hard and sweet…Just as DJ Sex Frosting intended.  Amen!


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