A Five-Star, Gourmet Feast of Crumbz

This Sunday we gorged ourselves on the delectable mix morsels of DJ Crumbz, and believe me, at the end of the afternoon, there wasn’t a crumb left:

And also believe that all of us ladies would have loved to be standing in front of that open fridge, because it was another scorcher!  But of course, the heat was no match for DJ Crumbz.  We knew we were in trouble (in the best kind of way) when she gave us the heads up before class that it was “kind of a 90s mix.”  It was also kind of a dream come true!

Song after song inspired hoots of recognition, and I karaoked my way through the ENTIRE MIX.  Some other highlights included Katrina and the Waves induced mass hysteria, and the greatest involuntary choreography ever seen, when No Diggity caused the entire room to drop it down about three inches simultaneously!

Way to go DJ Crumbz!  Bring your girls and your tunes again soon!


One thought on “A Five-Star, Gourmet Feast of Crumbz

  1. Shoot! I would have LOOOVED this class!!! I can’t believe I missed. Well, at least this gives me some confidence that I can keep some of the 90s hits on the mix I’m working on!

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