School teacher aka DJ Tanner got caught up in her other class assignments…

Yep, DJ Tanner is busy crackin’ the whip at high school these days and forgot to post her “10th class period” of the days classroom assignment, which simply was reflect on all that bad ass dancing you ladies did in class last Wednesday night. That’s right…not only was class bumpin’ tonight but we had a “school/teacher” focused theme to get people pumped for the end of the school year (not that any of you see this time of year as any different since your school days are long behind you now). However, its good to know that school is still ebbing and flowing as it did back in the day for you whether you loved it or hated it. Without further ado, here was the bad ass mix that brought people back. Here’s to smoking in the ladies room, fighting for your right to party, being a school girl in love with a school boy, listening to rock n’ roll high at school, wanting to kick some other girls ass on the track (in a race that is), being the head of your class, possibly kissing your teacher (hmmmm), getting in trouble with someone by the name of Julio down by the school yard, or just being a kid in America. This ones for you.


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