Oh Dear!

Warning: this post is going to be unapologetically girly: (no that’s not an apology)

For those who weren’t able to make it to the studio Wednesday night, I’ll fill you in on a lil secret. DJ Oh Dear’s playlist was so good, it made us fart flowers and rainbows.

And from our fertile farts, two wee mushrooms a sprouted and they happily danced along to the second half of this bonkers-rad playlist. Which playlist? THIS ONE!

Noreallyfolks… contained within this mix featured TLC and Led Zeppelin making sweet, sweet love. That’s thanks to Chicago laptop duo named The Hood Internet (see song number 3)

Fun fact: I made out in the back of my Ford Bronco to Led Zeppelin and TLC on separate occasions, and this combo song of the two groups really confounded separate memories to become a new orgy memory that never took place. So how do you top that? I guess with 15 MORE tunes that had a group of veterans and virgins alike shaking their tutus and clapping madly for more. And beyond that feat of DJ prowess, DJ Oh Dear also defied the odds of the microorganisms that were attempting to use her body as a breeding ground and came to the studio with her mix in hand and shoes tied tight and with lots and lots of friends. Thanks for sharing your most excellent taste in music with us DJ Oh Dear! And your most excellent taste in lady friends. Until we meet again, no scrubs!


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