Is That a Rabbit You’re Holding…

or are you just happy to dance with me?

Yesterday we experienced the magic of DJ Shadow Puppet, and there was none of this lame-ass bunny rabbit stuff.  She used life and limb to twist us up a trick pony, a foxy lady, even a plastic beach!  She got us dancing with some new hits and some old favorites, and pacing so perfect we could push it as much as we wanted to.  It was like a one hour holiday!  Goodbye rainy Chicago, hello Texas honky tonk, ancient Egypt, and Afrika.  I hit it so hard I don’t even think my shadow could keep up!

Thank you DJ Shadow Puppet!  You lifted our spirits (and our energy!) on a dreary, draggy Sunday.  Call us anytime!

And a REMINDER to you all: next week is Ribfest in North Center!  Good news for carnivores, not so great news for people who drive to DDPP.  Make sure to leave early to look for parking!  (And then pick up a fried snickers for the drive home.)


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