We Got Delirious

Three first-time events occurred this evening at DDPP. I’ll get the bummer (for me) out of the way to begin.

1) First time I had carpal tunnel syndrome and could not clap or flail like I usually do

2) First time a live birth of multiples was re-enacted during a cool down song

3) First time we had a playlist comprised of one sole “Artist”

So really consider #3 for a moment. What bands or artists on earth could sustain an entire hour of dancing – plus the depth to have some sweet juicy slow songs appropriate for warming up and cooling down? Madonna? Sure. Michael Jackson? Definitely. Abba? Might be painful after a while, but okay. But there’s someone else, dear friends. Someone else who is far cooler and hotter (but not luke warm) than all those folks – and that could only be one person.

That’s right – that’s Prince. And so is this:

And so is this guy:

He may be one man, but he’s had many lives. And all of them sexier than the next.

Veteran DJ Michelle Leslie Brown did right by Prince’s recent birthday (June 7th – and he’s 52 YEARS OLD!!!) and made a mix fit for a king, which maybe Prince will become when his father dies (who has to be in his 80s by now…). But until then, we’ll remain his staunch supporters in his fiefdom of fabulous.

Happy Birthday, dear Prince.


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