The Ministry of Dance

Ain’t gonna mess around. DJ Slap!Chop! is exactly as her DJ name sounds. By the time you’ve blinked she’s whipped you over her knee and popped you one right in the tenders – with a song. We had a mighty crew on deck for the evening. Gyrators, sprinters, belly dancers and plain old flailers shook every muscle and tendon into a kind of ecstasy only a true believer can comprehend. What kind of believer? Why one who adheres to the MINISTRY… and not the kind where you have to put your panty hose on and curl your hair just-so to experience. THIS KIND:

DJ Slap!Chop! inspired holes in our hands from slapping the ground so very convincingly and holes in our feet from burning up the damn floor with our hot steppin. Luckily all of our bodies are self-healing organisms and by the time we’d hopped the bus home we were whole again. Sometimes DDPP make me think that holy water is just another name for sweat from dancin.

Hot child in the city! Check out this goshforsaken playlist. It’s positively out of this world:


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