You Down With MLB?

Yeah you know me!

People of the internet, last night marked DJ Michelle Leslie Brown’s 28th mix (the database lied to me).  Which means two months from now will be her dirty THIRTY!  But I simply can’t wait until then to celebrate:

Happy twenty-eightsies to us! We’re the lucky ladies who have benefitted from each and every one of these soulful, sweat-inducing, COMPLETELY ORIGINAL mixes.  That’s right, DJ MLB has yet to recycle any song that’s been used at DDPP; which, if you think about it–oh, wait, there it goes.  Yep.  You just blew your mind.  In fact, I might just have to start calling her DJ Quickdraw.  I heard song number 7 two days ago and thought, “hey, I should put that on my next mix…”  This proves that DJ MLB is psychic.  That, or she’s watching us…

At the end of the day, though, I don’t care!  If super-spyware gets us mixes like last night’s, break out the night vision goggles.  DJ MLB, you have continued your tradition of getting me to dance funkier than any other DJ.  Somehow you know exactly what will make me spazz to the max!  And for all you women who weren’t there last night, here’s what you missed: a good old fashioned DANCE BATTLE.  Which I lost due to DJ AWOL’s mad hoe-downing skills.  Time to start training for the rematch–Rocky style.

And what song inspired us to hoe-down?  Number 12 of course.  Check it out!


5 thoughts on “You Down With MLB?

  1. oh, the database totally lied to you – this is mix #28, if you include my alter ego dj rerun in that tally.

    but who cares about numbers? what’s important is that we danced and were very entertained by the barry white-inspired dance battle. 🙂

  2. A Barry white-inspired dance battle????? OH how I miss DDPP!! Congrats DJ MLB!!!! I thought it had to be more than 11 cause I bet I’ve danced that many and I’ve been gone 6 months!!!!!!

  3. You played my new favorite song by the Bird and the Bee. Woohoo! Also, it always surprises me when I see a certain song hasn’t been played yet. No one’s played O.P.P. yet? Wow!

  4. i’m so glad a friend told me about the bird and the bee’s hall & oates cover album.

    also, this reminds me that i need to peek at some of the twin cities’ playlists for song ideas!

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