Was your Saturday night a little something like this?:

Followed by this?:

If so, Sunday morning probably felt like this:

And even not even this could get you out of bed:

Don’t worry, DDPP Chicago has got the cure, and this Sunday (for the first time!) we cracked open a BIG can of it: the mix-masterous stylings of one DJ ENRG!  (Her actual initials, if you can believe it!  Of course if you were there, you can.)  No oops about it, DJ ENRG (aka the original Hobo Humpin Slobo Babe) bang bang shot us up with so much of her name sake that we even made walking look spritely.  The sweat was a-pourin’, the booties were a-poppin’ (as was the lip gloss), and the hips were dirrrty.  About halfway through, one woman exclaimed “I think she’s trying to kill us!”  A half second later song number 9 started up and my head exploded.  It was a noble death, the way I’ve always wanted to go.  Thankfully I was only buried 3 feet deep, and I managed to claw my way out in time to finish the rest of the mix: a blurry, euphoric memory spun entirely out of cotton-candy.  And now ladies, I give you the mix that dipped deep into our cellular makeup, exited atoms we didn’t even know we had, and supplied us with a whole new level of kinetic currency–with which we purchased joy:

Oh yeah, that IS right.  Now if only we could figure out how to bottle DJ ENRG’s essence:

We’d feel like this forever:


3 thoughts on “ENRGetic!

  1. So sorry to miss what looks like an excellent mix! I was, however, watching Major Lazer do some SERIOUS daggering in the middle of Union Park. I actually thought to myself, “the DDPP ladies would definitely approve of this!”

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