An Opportunity to Shake It…

beyond DDPP!

We know you love dancing, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this post!  Well, here’s another chance for you to shimmy.  Regular DDPPer Pamela is part of real live Go-Go group called The Revelettes, and they are looking for more ladies!  Here’s some info on the troupe:

The Revelettes are a sometimes campy, sometimes vampy, always flirty 60’s style go-go troupe. We borrow the moves, ‘do’s, and get-ups that distinguished the go-go scene in its heyday and mix in the musical variety and contemporary sensibilities that keep us relevant and captivating to today’s audiences. The Revelettes have performed on the rock stage for drag-queen punk rock shows, on the theatrical stage for feminist cabarets, on the runway for fashion fundraisers, and on the rink for the roller derby. And we don’t forget the children: elementary-school benefit coordinators know how much children love shiny things and happy beats. The Revelettes’ smart, innovative choreography and exuberant energy can take an event like any other and make it all go-go-licious and sparkly!

We perform to music from Tina Turner, The Pipettes, Nancy Sinatra, Chubby Checkers, The Trashmen, The Go-Go’s, Link Wray, Los Straitjackets, The Ramones,Shirley Bassey, The She Creatures, Blondie, The Shangri-Las, and much much more!

The Revelettes are expanding our gogotastic group of groovy gals. We’re looking for women who can’t get enough on the dance floor and jump at word of a hooping, hula or hip-hop class. While some dance experience is recommended, candidates need not have extensive performance histories. We pride ourselves on having reliable, collaborative, and savvy heads on our shoulders, underneath our enormous beehives!

Our two-part audition will take place the last two Mondays in August. (8/23 & 8/30) Interested women may contact us and must register in advance.


Ladies, that could be you in those boots!  Check it out!


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