Oh Dear? Oh DAMN!

Dear Internet,

Has anyone seen my heart?  I think it jumped out my chest last night, some time between songs four and five, and by the end of DJ Oh Dear’s re-donk-ulously amazing mix it was halfway to Tijuana.  It was just so excited you see, and so happy, but it’s been missing for some time now and I’m afraid it’s up to no good…

If you weren’t at the studio last night, you missed out.  Not only was DJ Oh Dear’s mix masterful, it transcended the chaos of BEING FILMED.  Last night someone from WCIU’s morning show came to interview us, because we are going to appear on an upcoming episode!  Exciting, no?  And a little scary. At first we felt like Oh Dear-in-head-lights.  Thankfully DJs Tanner and QQF were there to take point, and once DJ Oh Dear’s beats started up (and the lights got a little dimmer) we all went bananas. We’ll let you know when to tune in, so that you may see yourselves in all your goddess glory! Thank you everyone for participating/putting up with a little paparazzi.  I can say without a doubt that no matter what (even though I was wearing my Jon Lee’s karate tshirt), we all looked better than this:

But enough about that, let’s talk about DJ Oh Dear!  From Kanye’s wonderment to David Bowie’s pressure, last night was one of the best times I have ever had on the dancefloor!  I’m telling you, that mix had some kind of super-magic.  Under DJ Oh Dear’s spell we were harder, better, faster, and stronger.  She had the power to wash away our fears, and transform us into maniacs!  Such is the beauty of DDPP.  Though I only met some of you for the first time last night, I had the feeling (as I always do), that I was dancing with all my friends.  It continues to change my life, every single week.  Ladies, thank you for being you, for coming out and sharing your positive energy, your enthusiasm for dance, and your running man spirit!  Now let’s hear it for DJ Oh Dear!

And let’s also hear it for Toni, aka DJ Tunerkin, who shlepped all the way back up here from Indy to dance with us!  Welcome back Tunerkin!  When you’re gone, we feel like this:


2 thoughts on “Oh Dear? Oh DAMN!

  1. i’d made my peace w/missing the filming. i was even ok with missing yet another outstanding mix. but missing out on dancing w/toni? i totally look like that poor kitten. *sob*

    • Where the heck were you Ms MLB???? That corner looked empty!
      I had such a good time back at DDPP dancing my fool head off. I hope they don’t use any footage of me talking with my bright red face and the sweat pouring off!!! I looked like a “hot” mess for real!

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