Big N Sexxy

Give it up for our very own DJ Sexx Frosting, who happens to be glowsticking her booty off right behind Kid Sister (along with a blurry DJ Ssssnake) in the new video for Big N Bad!  Check it out ladies:

You go girl!  Way to do DDPP proud.  Come back soon–we miss your frosty moves! 

And happy (belated) birthday!


2 thoughts on “Big N Sexxy

  1. And just think: Amy had given herself until her 30th birthday to make it onto Perez Hilton–she beat that deadline by TWO WHOLE YEARS!

  2. Ladies, this makes me want to cry a single tear of happiness. I’m such a turd for not reading the blog as often as I should when I’m away!

    Seriously, my heart is filled with love. This shout-out (and hilarious comment) has been much appreciated!

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