Ballroom BLITZSsssnake!

Before you read another sentence – you should reward yourself for being alive by watching THIS:

Hey – nice job! And now you should reward yourself for being so goddamn lovable by getting a free download of this fantabulous mash-up (also known as song #14 from DJ Ssssnake’s mix below).

So Lucy, what in the heck hell happened last night? I’ll fill you in. DJ Ssssnake created a universally magnetically attractive orbit around the entire dance studio in starting and ending her mix with Magnetic Fields tunes (last one as a cover by Chicago’s own Kelly Hogan). Substitute the earth below for 4057 N Damen and you get the idea:

She then proceeded to pummel our tushies with an uber eclectic mix of tunes that both tickled our amygdalas and delighted our frontal  cortexes with novelty and panache. By the end, the entire lot of us had shape-shifted into DJ Ssssnake worshippers. And we were charming – much more so than the usual slimy scaly numbers you see in the movies. We were like a hoard of soft and sweet crocheted friendly snakes who just wanted to slither all across the floor.

Us ladies were looking for joy and we found it. We were trying to get our rocks off and we rocked it. We were hoping for introductions to Mistadobalina Mista Bob Dobalina and we got real damn familiar-like with the enigmatic sir. And all of this, because of one slippery DJ. ThankSsssnake!


One thought on “Ballroom BLITZSsssnake!

  1. OHHH YEAHHH! Someone could have cut my legs off at the end of that mix and I wouldn’t have stopped dancing. And I felt like a new woman Thursday morning! Thank you DJ Ssssnake!

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