A Letter From Camp

Hi, Den Mothers, it’s your DDPP daughters. It was kind of weird being here without you tonight—like we were at sleep-away camp for the first time (or maybe you were?). Nevertheless all TWENTY of us (including half a dozen newbies!) carried on bravely. We didn’t let ourselves get spooked by the sounds outside our cabin; instead, we formed connections based on the power of dance that would have had us swapping friendship bracelets at the end if we weren’t so darned tired.

In fact, I think we all earned our Dancin’ Machine honor badge tonight. And who do we have to thank for all this? Who will we be Lovin’ Like a Sister until next summer (and beyond)? Why, our awesome camp counselor DJ L-Scream, of course!

She created a mix that was sweeter than a cherry bomb (and yet also as explosive—funny, that!). She wanted to dance with us and we wanted to dance with her! We zoomed around the room, clapped and hollered, and got that feelin’ only a killer playlist can give us. Over the din, I heard L-Scream ask us, “How you like me now?!?” The answer: very much indeed! She made us little happy campers:

OK, Den Mothers, it’s almost lights out time. We’ll write more later. Even though we’re having a great time, we can’t wait to see you again. Like next week, maybe?


Your DDPP Daughters

P.S. The food here is yucky! Please send cookies???


2 thoughts on “A Letter From Camp

  1. Dear Daughters,

    You are growing up so fast *sniffle. We miss you lots, and can’t wait to see you again soon! Big BIG love to DJ Ssssnake for playing camp director! We feel certain the activities hut was never so badass as it was last night.

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