Chelles Bells Trudy!

Q: What features Hebrew, Madmen and profuse sweating all in one place?’

A: This blog post! (and perhaps someone you know’s upcoming Rosh Hashanah)

Upon reading our dear DJ’s name for the first time (Chelles Bells), I couldn’t help but instinctively insert the Hebraic letter Chet (recall the sound of hacking a loogie) instead of the super soft and smooth “sh” sound as in seaSHells or  foreSHadow or crapSHooter (but not like asSHole, which is a different type of crapSHooter). Nope – mine eyes and throat thought it was the first day of Chanukah and Chelles Bells I annunciated accordingly.

But I should have known this DJ was smooth as her name and her playlist. Not some kinda hack. ( The woman not only helped solve a speaker problem with her technical finesse, she also wielded her tech tools and sensibilities to assemble one helluvan hour of music for us to yes, sweat profusely to.

Sometimes I unwittingly measure a DDPP by how sopped my shirt is at the end. Well this was a double wringer hum-dinger. I had to take off to a meet a room full of dry people afterwards, and I took their chairs scooting away from me (not subtle) as well as their noses buried in shirts as a compliment and testament to Chelles Belles ability to rile a crowd and launch us into unselfconscious ecstasy.

And speaking of bells and (c)hells and launching things ecstatically, have you seen the Madmen episode in which Peter lays down the law with Trudy about adoption? Watch the super exciting clip here. (screenshot below)

How about that, eh? Humans spent thousands of years breeding chickens NOT to fly, but all it takes is a pissed off Peter Campbell to undo all that hard work. I’m glad he seems to have calmed down this season now that Trudy is “with child.” Speaking of which…wanna see Chelles Bell’s perfect little baby creation that incited us to all act like shooting stars and sprinkle our sparkle sweat on to the dance floor? Look no further, dammmmmmat:


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