Dance Magic Dance

So when you’re in a dance “class” whose entire point is *not* being self-conscious, and then a camera crew complete with producers, a host and a G.D. lighting team show up, you have a chance to test if in fact doing this slightly weirdo thing you are somehow compelled to do actually works.  In other words, is it possible to really let all those inner monologues and feelings of being watched and judged and blah blah blah enough already go?

Well I’m half surprised and fully relieved to say that it did. For like, everyone in that room. To take a lyrics from song #10 on our playlist, we put giving a sh*t about how we look when we’re being moved by music on our collective f*ck it list. And it was HOT.

No really, it was really, really hot. ABC 7 was in the house and they had to keep the door open to the *outside (*otherwise known as satan’s armpit) so that the icy cool freshness of modern living that all of our ancestors gave their lives for was sucked out the door. What all that heat did do though, was make for one supremely sweaty film shoot, soggy shoes and socks, and an accidental watering of the plants on the windowsill via the humid fog. You’re welcome peace lily.

But after the man on the ladder with the camera went away, as did the lighting guy, and the host, and the producer and all the fancy equipment, the lights went back to their usual state of sleep, and the mighty women gathered in that studio determined to keep that inner child singing into a hairbrush alive, a roar of excitement rippled across the room and vibrated every cell of our bods down to the stirrup bone. (which true to its name, did quite a bit of stirring up)

And I’m hoping that just a pinch of this evening of joy production had a little something to do with my playlist for the night. DJ Bran was back in action after donning the alias (DJ QQF) for far too long. And true to bran’s nature, of which I partake, I made everyone in that studio for at least one song or one moment, lose their sh*t. But I got to say, one song that I thought was going to make everyone lose theirs starred the vocal stylings of David Bowie crooning such cringe-inducing lines as “what kind of magic spell to use? slime and snails? or puppy dog tails?” I was happy to lose my control for the group on this one. I took one for the team. And so did David Bowie for team dignity when he signed the contract to play this leo-tarded white-wigged elfin man in the Labyrinth. Still, I can’t help but be stirred to something by this song (song = his leotard bottoms). I hope you are, too.

And for all who wonder, the segment taped for ABC will be on the show 190North on Halloween. If our segment doesn’t scare some people, then we didn’t do our job. Nice work all ya’ll who came out and BROUGHT IT! We ❤ you.


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