I Like It

Though dancing is indeed an art, have you ever wondered what might happen if science got it’s pasty white fingers all over it? You’ll probably get some lame-o study about how women are more attracted to men with better dance moves, or how men who dance well are genetically healthier than those who can only manage clumsy dad dance moves. WAIT a SECOND. Really?

here’s a link to that very video and study. Now funny (or is it?) – this study only mentions men being in good health if they can bust a move, but they don’t mention if the same findings also apply to women. But since we were not made out of anyone’s ribs or what not, let’s just assume it’s true for us vaginally gifted humans, too. Which means all of us at DDPP tonight are in the absolute pinnacle of genetic health.

That’s right – we showed variation in our necks, shoulders and torsos, just like a person with platinum diamond coated DNA would.  We’re so fit, we could eat a taco during every song and come out more darwinially robust in the gene pool than most of Madonna’s back up dancers.

Who’s to thank for this confirmation of our superior ancestral pedigrees? Why it’s our dear DJ Michelle Leslie Brown to the rescue! While Cee-Lo may have had us singing along to his f**k you business the other day, this week he changed his tune to reflect our collective sentiment towards this super fine Wednesday offering. I like it, DJ, and We Love it. Nice work!


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