The Dance Doctor

Picture it: a September evening. A dance studio on Chicago’s north side. Thirteen ladies arrived one by one, all suffering from a mysterious sense of malaise. The post-Labor Day doldrums, some thought to themselves as they trudged to their preferred spots. A case of the Mondays gone two days too long, others speculated while stretching their aching muscles. But our DJ thankfully recognized the symptoms right away (remember, by day the Incredible Zulk IS a scientist). The diagnosis? A collective bout of the Rockin’ Pneumonia AND the Boogie Woogie Flu:

Over the next hour, DJ Incredible Zulk gave us the cure for what ailed us as we found ourselves transported around the world by the genius of her playlist. At one point, with the assistance of our new set of rope lights, I even feared we might fall victim to seizures of pure Dance Joy™ kind of like on that old Simpsons episode (but with fewer robots):

She helped us groove, let us move our feet, and gave us more until we were shook out like rag dolls. We sweated until our fevers broke and left the evidence all over the dance floor. Walking back out into the chilly autumn air, we all thanked our lucky stars that our DJ was accidentally exposed to the blast of that gamma bomb she invented that one time. You’re super, DJ Incredible Zulk! Thanks for this:


One thought on “The Dance Doctor

  1. OH. MY. GOD. Can’t even begin to tell you how bummed we are to have missed this one 😦 But once again, DJ Ssssnake to the rescue! Thanks so much for running the show woman. Gonna find a way to help you cash in those karma points soon!

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