Sweet Child O’ Sunday

You had your summer flings: beach volleyball, camping, Lollapalooza, Pitchfork, Taste of Chicago, blah blah blah.  It was fun while it lasted, but let’s get real–you knew you would come back.  The truth is, we were meant to be together.  Besides, if you left us for good, who would raise our love child?

I admit he’s a bit…unsettling, what with the third hand coming out of his chest and his tendency to use up all the eyeliner.  But we made him together, and damn if it wasn’t magical.

Those of you who had “other plans” yesterday missed out BIG TIME.  Our first Sunday back was a flying leap fest, thanks to the stylings of DJ Lil’ E!   As per usual, her fantabulous blend of funkiness took us to another place–a sweaty, heart-busting place. When uploading her mix from a CD to my ipod, I totally forgot to make the album gapless: a mistake I was super glad for while gasping for air between major league home runs.  She hit it out of the park with every song, evidenced by the grins and yeeesss!!-es that appeared within the first ten seconds of each new track.  Sleater-Kinney can say whatever it wants, yesterday was a hell of a lot of rock and roll fun:

DJ Lil’ E, a LOT of respect.  You can tumble for us anytime!


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