Between the Gummi Bears, the dancing baby, and the epic tune-age, last night was a little…

But no, time was not moving slower than usual (though the dancing baby was real).  DJ Michelle Leslie Brown just blew our minds (yet again) with an LP style mix of only five songs! She didn’t just push the envelope, she tore it up.  And as a result: WE TORE IT UP.

Now I know the marathon isn’t technically until next weekend, but we went ahead and held ours early.  Let me tell you ladies, dancing for 15 minutes straight is no joke!  Those ten second water breaks between 3 minute songs make a difference.  The good news is that there’s some freaky shtuff on the other side of “the wall.”  Your brain turns off and your body lets loose, and before you know it you’ve been penguin walking for 5 straight minutes.  You switch it up to a Charlie Chaplin, throw in a little Middle Eastern belly wiggle, and round it all off with a cartwheel (and a handstand).

Wait, what?  I know–WHOA.  Good thing we had plenty of snacks…


…this mix gave me the munchies!


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