Dancers Wanted: This Means You!

Dear Women:  DDPP regular DJ ENRG is shooting a DANCE VIDEO this Saturday, and she needs a couple more ladies!  Here’s the info:


I am looking for female dancers/ movers for a dance video we are shooting for Coudal Partner’s Layer Tennis Competition Coin Flip (see links for explanation.) The piece will be directed by filmmaker Steve Delahoyde, and we are going for a classy old school Busby Berkeley feel to the piece.  It will be a short 30 second piece performed to a beat–the beat won’t be in the final cut.

The shoot will be Saturday October 23rd at 11am at Coudal’s offices downtown at 400 N. May St. #301.  We will meet, learn the dance, and then shoot until we have the take–I am guessing the whole thing will take only a few hours.

Please let me know if you are available and interested, I would greatly appreciate it!  We can’t offer any money for the shoot, but the video will have an international audience, so it will be great exposure. We’ll have bagels, coffee and water for you that morning.

Costuming for the shoot–please bring black pants/ slacks, black heels and a white tank top. We’ll provide a black necktie or something like it.
We’ll keep makeup simple–mascara, blush and a dark or red lipstick. Hair will be ponytails if long and tucked behind ears if short.

Parking: There should be plenty of free parking out front, either right in front of the building or across May, in front of the beige building. Use the call box when you arrive and we’ll buzz you up.

Ladies, this is your chance to become a superstar!

Or at least have some fun this Saturday morning 🙂  If you are interested, shoot us an email and we will hook. you. up.



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