It was a dark and stormy night…no, wait a minute, it was a warm, half-sunny afternoon. No matter, DJ Spooktacular (aka DJ Lil’ E) had us shaking in our boots–as though we’d been commissioned by our great aunt Mildred’s will to spend the night in a haunted house before getting our inheritance.


Wait another minute–wrong again!  We were shaking our booties! Zoinks!  Good one DJ Spooktacular.

According to Ministry, everyday is Halloween.  And while our pillowcases won’t technically be stuff with goodies until next week, what can we say, we’re already in the spirit!   DJ Spooktacular’s scream-inducing mix (we made damn sure the upstairs neighbors knew who to call) only made us all the more eager to put on our costumes!

In the meantime, we had masks and glowstick bracelets: Eyes Wide Shut + rave= sweat, sweat, and more sweat.  Thankfully this guy was absent:


Now THAT would have been scary.  This, however, was just scary fun!


Thanks for giving us just the right amount of terror DJ Spooktacular!   You ARE the Boogie Monster!

ALSO–Remember that segment 190 North filmed? Yeah, it was that night all the lights and cameras were in the studio.  Well, don’t forget to set your DVRs! Our segment is going to air on Halloween!


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