If Tricks Are For Kids…

Treats must be for ladies, because we got a (metaphorical) pillowcase full yesterday!  The dispenser was none other than DJ U.N.I.T.Y., who showed up with one of the best costumes I have ever seen:

No, your eyes do not deceive you–the song playing on that monster iPod is in fact U.N.I.T.Y. by Queen Latifah and YES, the screen LIGHTS UP!  Dear denmother writing this post, yeah you, the one with the last minute “Billy Elliot” costume: step up your game.

Along with a killer costume, DJ U.N.I.T.Y. brought magic, and with a wave of her giant ear buds…poof!  A room full of super freaks!  One good thing about a Billy Elliot costume is that it allows for sweating–which there was plenty of.  There were also plenty of tunes ideal for zombie shuffling, 80s stripper grinding, and twirling of light strands lasso-style.  Thankfully no one lost an eye, so it remained all fun and games.

Ladies, take a gander at the playlist you would gladly cash in all your candy for:

DJ U.N.I.T.Y., there is nothing strange about our love for you.  You are at your most beautiful dancing your butt off!  You can pour your sugar on us anytime (which was, by the way song #14).


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