Celebrity DJ! Introducing… Shamu Pancakes.

Pre-foreward… apologies about the delay in posting last Wednesday’s playlist. It’s tough when  your DJ isn’t actually able to attend DDPP – not only because the DJ is a boy (Jenn Brandel’s brother Todd), but also because the DJ is an orca whale. And orca’s are worse than Italians at telling time and caring about punctuality. Ahem. And now for a peek inside the mind of a man-whale DJ.

DDPP caught up with DJ Shamu Pancakes during his winter migration from northern British Columbia to the tropical shore waters of Mexico. As one of a shrinking population of electronic dance-music loving killer whales, DJ SP was flattered by the opportunity to provide a soundtrack for DDPP. We asked him for a rundown of his chosen tracks and why, and after cleaning his teeth with a walrus tusk, he was happy to oblige:


Jenn B told me I had to open the set with a warm-up jam, and I figured what better to warm up a roomful of chicks than a slow-ish jam featuring a chick rap-talking about the crazy shit she’s gonna into that night with her chick friends? If I was a chick, I’d think that was cool.

Cooler Couleur (Junkie XL Remix) – Crookers featuring Yelle

This 7 minute funkfest sets the mood for what’s about to happen. You’re gonna “work out”, your head is gonna be filled with some throbbing beats, and you’re not gonna know what decade it is.

Dreams (feat. Stevie Nicks) – Deep Dish

These Iranians can work the knobs.  I don’t know if that’s good or bad for US-Iranian relations. All I know is Stevie can heal international wounds.

Happy Up Here – Royksopp

This song makes me happy up here in Mexico, especially the breakdown. If you couldn’t tell, I like high-pitched tings in my beats. You might assume it’s because I hear with SONAR. You’d be wrong. I just like tings.

I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’ – Scissor Sisters

I put this on here so you’d wonder whether I was gay.

Little Secrets – Passion Pit

This one features the PS22 chorus, a kids group from New York that might be some kind of weird melting pot school experiment. If you check them out on YouTube, you’ll hear some cool interpretations and probably think they’re adorable. I think they look delicious.

Baby Can’t Stop – Lindstrom & Christabelle

My cousin Gustaf Pancakes turned me on to this Norweigan DJ. Perfect music for hunting Chinook in cold waters. You know, when your tail is burning and you don’t know whether you can go another minute, and then those horns come on and it kinda sounds like Michael Jackson and you say to yourself “that Chinook isn’t gonna catch and eat itself!”, you know?

The Girls Say – Groove Armada

For my money, the hardcoreness of the beats in this one make up for the not-too-subtle misogyny of the lyrics.

Dirt Off Your Android – Jaydiohead

In my oceanic world, sometimes mashups work, and more often they don’t. For instance, if one more whale tells me how awesome Girl Talk is, I’m gonna stab my own blowhole. Girl Talk fucking blows, ok? Jaydiohead, on the other hand, does not.

Dance Wiv Me – Dizzee Rascal

Something about a British rapper who you can still totally tell is black is awesome. I mean, really awesome. I’m pretty sure there’s some cockney being thrown down in this one, but I’m usually way too hammered to figure out what he’s saying.

Lights & Music – Cut Copy

Pitchfork loved this album, and I’m a slave to hipster music snobbery. It also vaguely reminds me of Duran Duran, which I like and discredits the previous sentence. Deal with it.

Electric Feel (Justice Remix) – MGMT

A near mixtape faux pas with the second Justice tune. I allow an exception because 1) this is technically a Justice remix (for which they won a grammy, btw); and 2) Justice is the fucking balls and if there’s one band I don’t mind repeating, it’s these two French geniuses.

Erotic City – Prince

I like watching the cows in our pod dance to this. Always have. Ever since college. The lyrics are so raw, yet the rawness is covered up by their polish. If this doesn’t move your hips, you don’t have a soul.

Psychic City (Classixxx Remix) – YACHT

A worthy closer – quirky, a little slow, full of bleeps and honks, plays on the “city” theme established by Prince, and reminds me of the rich assholes on yachts I spook every day.

Hope y’all enjoyed my attempt at DJing your dance (dance) party (party). Now I’m gonna go find a family of seals to snack on.


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