The Power of Dance Compels You

This week DJ Kling-On had a devil inside…a devil by the name of INXS.  Luckily we had the cure: a few high kicks, some good vibes, and that devil was exorcised (and we were exercised!)  It was a…

Pudding Pops not included.

The house was packed, and there wasn’t nearly enough time to jump around–don’t believe me?  Ask the lady from DDPP-PDX (Portland, they sometimes go for 2 hours!) who traveled over 2,000 miles to boogie with us (or probably to visit some friends or family, but hey, we like to think we’re special).  No matter, the music pushed us on. From pantomime-driving to wacky gnome dancing, DJ Kling-On was in the middle of it all rocking out like there was no tomorrow! She was the master of kicking ass, and we were her servants.  While we’re just regular folks, there was nothing common about this mix:

Ah DJ Kling-On, if only you’d been able to make time stop for the 17 of us.  Since you couldn’t, you gave us the next best thing: a holy f*ck sensation to carry us throughout the week!  You can bring those demons to the dancefloor any time.  In honor of that, I leave you with something truly wicked:



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